What’s ahead for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 1

What’s ahead for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 1

Sandra is CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, an industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem.

“​​In 2022, it will be ‘corporate career risk’ to not have a baseline understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. From bankers to corporate executives to politicians, it is imperative that they get on board and seriously consider the implications of blockchain.

Further, 2022 winners will ‘expect the unexpected,’ and apt to investing, servicing clients and participating in new trends.

In 2021, few expected NFTs to become the killer app, driving mainstream interest and option. Web3, the Metaverse and DAOs will enter mainstream curiosity in 2022.

The boring infrastructure stuff is critical. Crypto markets and the blockchain industry are experiencing explosive growth, but to scale, they need common terminology, standards and sound governance, including conflict resolution. 

The Global Blockchain Business Council will continue the Global Standards Mapping Initiative in 2022, mapping the regulatory, technical, acemia and business states of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

GSMI is the largest crowd-sourced, open-access crypto and blockchain research project. GSMI 2.0 content, released in November, was the result of eight months’ work from over 200 individuals and 131 institutions, including student researchers and veterans of government, industry, start-ups and regulation.

For 2022, I remain mindful to stick to the original vision of leveling the playing field for many, not a few.”

These quotes have been edited and condensed.

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ARTICLE: What’s ahe for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 1
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-01 15:15:00 
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